Taking Your Preteen To Their First Rock Concert: Four Tips For Parents

When your kids start approaching middle school age, they often begin developing their own tastes in music and becoming fans of certain bands. Concerts allow them to connect more deeply with this music and explore their interests, but they're certainly not ready to attend on their own at this point. Accompanying them to their first rock concert is a good way to properly acclimate them to the environment at such events and ensure they have good experiences when they are older and can attend alone. Here are four tips for taking your preteen to their first rock band concert.

Pay For Seats

Lawn tickets or "standing room" tickets may be cheaper, but these areas can get a little chaotic with party-heavy, so they don't offer the best atmosphere for a child. You're better off paying for seats so you'll have a dedicated place to stand without worrying that you'll accidentally become part of a mosh pit or be surrounded by drunk and stumbling patrons. 

Bring Ear Plugs

Concerts are typically loud enough to cause hearing damage over time. Why expose your child to such noise early on? Bring some ear plugs, and set a good example of wearing them. If the concert turns out to be quieter than most, you can always take them out, but at least this will give you an opportunity to discuss the importance of hearing protection with your child.

Don't Drink

It may be your tradition to drink at concerts, but you'll have an easier time guiding your child through the experience if you stay sober for this one. Plus, you'll be setting a good example by demonstrating to your child that people can have a good time at concerts without drinking. Buy some snacks or a non-alcoholic beverage to indulge in as you listen. Do prepare your child for the rock show atmosphere by informing them that a lot of people do drink and get too rowdy, and that's not necessarily a good thing because it can lead to accidents.

Go Early

You may be in the habit of skipping the opening act, but when you're bringing your teen to their first show, it's probably best to be there right at the beginning. The venue will be less busy, so you can find your seats without stumbling over as many people. Plus, your child will learn to appreciate all music -- not just that made by the biggest names and headliners. 

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