Try To Find Originals Of These Things To Complement Your Vintage Guitar Collection

If you collect vintage guitars, you're likely always searching for new additions to your collection. Given the investment that you'll be making in each instrument — perhaps four, five, or even six figures — the guitars themselves will understandably be your primary focus. However, it doesn't hurt to also look for other things that will complement your guitar collection. In some cases, you may be able to find the following items for sale from the same online vendors who have vintage instruments available.

Guitar Cases

Many collectors look hard to find vintage cases for their instruments. The chief objective is to find the original case that was sold with the instrument, which can often be attainable if you're buying an instrument from someone who was the original owner. Even if you can't confirm that a case was sold with a particular guitar, it fan be fun to find a vintage case that would have been sold alongside guitars of that type. You might be surprised at how fundamentally sound many vintage cases can be, especially if their owners took care of them.

Guitar Manuals

Many vintage guitar collectors seek to find the original owner manuals for the instruments that they buy. Unless you're buying from someone who has owned the instrument since it was new, it can be difficult to find the actual manual that came with the guitar. However, being able to track down a manual from the appropriate year can be a fun pursuit that can make for a nice addition to your collection. Whether you're displaying your vintage guitar or you intend to play it, you can display the manual in a frame in your home's music room.

Guitar Sales Receipts

Yet another challenging thing to add to your list when you're shopping for vintage guitars is the original sales receipt for the instruments that you're buying. If you're fortunate enough to be buying an instrument that has only had one owner, it's possible that he or she may have kept the original sales receipt for several decades, perhaps preserving it carefully in a frame or in some other type of protective device. Given that the instrument likely costs a considerable amount of money today, it can be a fun point of discussion to have the original sales receipt to show people who have expressed an interest in your collection. In most cases, the sales receipt will feature a price that is merely a fraction of what the guitar is worth now.

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