Three Reasons to Buy a 12-String Guitar

For a guitar player, a visit to a local musical instrument store can be a good opportunity to play a variety of different guitars, including both acoustic and electric models. If you're in the mood to buy a new guitar, a 12-string model may catch your attention. You'll typically find a selection of 12-string guitars at a music store, so playing each of them for a period of time and talking to a salesperson about the specs of each instrument can help you choose which one to buy. There are many good reasons to add a 12-string guitar to the assortment of instruments that you own.

1. Enjoy a Richer Sound

From the minute that you strum a 12-string guitar for the first time, it's obvious that this instrument has a richer sound than a conventional guitar that has just six strings. If you find that your current guitars don't give you the rich sound that you want, a 12-string model will be something to consider. The richer sound is since more strings are ringing each time you strum the instrument.

2. Contrast With Other Guitars

While a lot of guitar players spend much of their time playing on their own, it can be fun to get together and work on songs with one or more other players. If each of you has a six-string guitar and you play a song together, you'll often find that each of the instruments has a similar sound. This isn't a bad thing, but if you want to improve the overall quality of the song, the addition of a 12-string model can be valuable. It will provide a slightly different sound than the other guitars, and this contrast can add a new dimension to the music that you're making together.

3. Mimick Famous Songs

It can be fun to learn different pop and rock songs with your guitar. On occasion, you'll want to play a song in which the artist used a 12-string guitar. While you can learn the notes with a six-string guitar, your playing won't sound exactly the same as what you hear on the recording. To more accurately represent the recording, you'll want to use a 12-string guitar. You'll be impressed with how closely your playing can sound to the original recording, all because you're using the right type of instrument. Learn more about 12-string guitars by visiting a local musical instrument store. 

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