Why A Live Wedding Band Just Makes Sense For Your Special Day

Weddings don't come around every day, so when they do, it makes sense that people want to splurge a little on themselves. From an expensive cake and food package to a beautiful location with expensive clothes, so many different parts of a wedding cost so much money ,but it is all in good-natured fun. One area that often gets overlooked is live music. If you are having a wedding reception of any size, then you should consider hiring a wedding band for many reasons; here are just three that should point you in the right direction.

Play Along With The Crowd

While a DJ will do their best to interact with a crowd, there is a limit to how much they can do that due to the prerecorded nature of their songs. A live wedding band can easily change their tune, repeat a chorus, or take requests (within reason) on a whim, which leads to a much more interactive experience for the crowd. This can create some especially wonderful memories that would otherwise be replaced by a repeat of any old night where guests would be dancing like they could at a dozen or so local clubs. 

Ease The Awkwardness

Getting the first few people up to dance along to the music is very hard, even when they have had a few beers or glasses of wine to ease their inhibitions. When there is a live wedding band playing, guests will already see people up and about, dancing along to the music, so they will be much more inclined to do so as well. To add on to that, often wedding bands will ask people to come along and join in, and that alone can start a groundswell of support out onto the dance floor!

Special Requests

If you want to change up a special song with a different lyric that means something to you (such as putting your loved one's name in a famous romantic song) then that is really only possible with a live wedding band at your disposal. They want to create a memorable night for you as well, so if there are any special requests that they can accommodate, they will be sure to do so. Just make sure you give them plenty of notice and time to prepare for these changes to traditional songs to ensure it sounds good on the night! 

Contact a live wedding band in your area to learn more.

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