2 Things You Need To Make Your First Month Of Guitar Practice More Productive

You have your guitar, a capo, a timer, a metronome, and picks. These are the 5 things you'll probably need to begin guitar lessons. So, if you have these 5 things, then you're set, right?

Technically, yes.

However, beyond those absolute essentials, there are 2 additional items that will make your first month of guitar lessons so much more productive and enjoyable. Ultimately, they may determine whether you are successful or not in sticking with the guitar.

1. A Proper Chair

Posture is critical when learning to play the guitar, yet often overlooked unless you're learning classical guitar. Poor posture can limit your ability to progress into more difficult music and over time can result in poor circulation and even back problems.

You want a chair that allows you to sit with your leg angle flat or slightly downward. It should be fairly firm and completely level. The goal is to keep your spine as straight as possible.

Additionally, you want to make sure that your ankles are not bent over towards your feet. You never want to be leaning forward or to the side when you play.

2. A Decent Strap

A guitar strap supports the instrument while playing, freeing both your fretting and picking hands. For the fretting hand, it reduces the amount of preset tension required to hold up the guitar neck, which allows your fingers to move more freely. For the picking hand, the strap keeps you from having to pin the guitar down with the forearm, improving circulation in your lower arm and allowing a much more efficient stroke on the guitar.

A good strap will keep the guitar in proper position both when you're sitting and standing. Sometimes, you'll have to adjust the strap length a little depending on whether you're sitting or standing. So, a decent strap should also be easily adjustable.

Side note: Some people are able to play the guitar really well without the use of a strap when sitting down. It probably has something to do with body shape. Everyone still needs one when standing, however, so invest in a good one.

Final Thoughts

The first month of guitar lessons is extremely challenging for everyone. Having a proper chair and a decent strap won't immediately appear to make it less so because everything is hard. However, any experienced player will tell you what a difference proper posture and comfortable guitar support make. Being well situated in the beginning will make the time spent practicing so much more efficient.  

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